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July 17 - 19, 2023


The coolest water park in Austria!

Dive in and experience water like never before.

At the AREA 47 outdoor park, there is a dedicated 20,000 square meter water area. Guaranteed to soak and thrill you, the exhilarating rides and other attractions will make your heart rate and adrenaline level soar. The quantity of attractions in the fun water adventure park in Austria includes Europe’s fastest water slide, which will give you the shivers. 


BlobbingCannonball and Slip & Slide are ready to launch you! All of the attractions at the water park can be experienced with your GTGamesEU ticket. If you want to just chill and relax after an amazing day of GTGamesEU competition you can also enjoy some beach soccer or volleyball.

Invited Athletes List
Entries Due May 30!


  • Entries must use the hashtag #GTGamesEU2023 and post a video on Instagram

  • Entries must tag @BERGtoys and the FTA

  • Athletes must show both forward and backward rotations, flipping and twisting, stomach, feet, back landings

  • Athletes must exhibit good control in their movements

  • Athletes must demonstrate clean landings - no necking

  • Submissions are due May 30th, only 50 will be invited to compete

  • Athletes must be 11 - 14 years of age for the junior category and 15 - 21 for seniors on the date of the event. 

  • TRAMP Champ winners receive an automatic entry to GTGamesEU, but this does not include travel or the cost of their ticket, which includes shared accommodations for 2 nights, 4 meals and a water park pass to Area 47. 

Thank you NORTH, Area 47 and our talented athletes for a wonderful NORTH GTGamesEU 2022

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